Combo boxes in background groups

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Sat Jul 22 13:16:35 EDT 2006

Consider making your own custom control by grouping components and 
artwork, and making your own custom properties for it - also using 
setprop and getprop.

Then you can make it do whatever you want.

>Maybe there's no easy way to do this but it surprised me a bit: I 
>would like to have a combobox in a background group with what would 
>be its sharedText property set to false, assuming it had a 
>sharedText property.  Being a button, it of course does not so I 
>hoped its sharedHilite property would have the same effect but 
>unfortunately no; changing the text in the field portion of button, 
>whether by typing in the box or by selecting a menu choice, changes 
>every card with that background on it.
>Does anyone know of an easy way to include a combo box in a 
>background but permitting each card to have a different value.  I 
>can simulate it a couple different ways, e.g. storing a custom 
>property with the card on closing and reset it on opening but it 
>seems it should be as easy as it is for regular input text fields.
>James P. Spencer
>Rochester, MN

stephen barncard
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