Where are the limits?

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On 7/20/06 2:04 PM, "Dar Scott" <dsc at swcp.com> wrote:

> In the old days there was a page in the doc about the limits.  I
> don't mean scriptLimits(), but I think there was a link there.  I
> mean max chars in a field, max chars in a script line, max length of
> a string and so on.
> (Maybe that is still in the doc, but I am not clever enough to find it.)

I don't know in Rev, but in MC here's the "old" limits:

There are certain limits to how large various structures can be in MetaCard.
Most limits are tied to the machine data types used to store them.  A uint1
is 255 (8 bits), a uint2 is 65,535 bytes (16 bits/64KB), and a uint4 is
4,294,967,295 bytes (32 bits/4GB).  Those structures that have a maximum
size of uint4 share the same 4GB address space and so each structure can
only use space not used by other structures.  Note that all MetaCard
structures, including stack size, are limited by available virtual memory.
See also the scriptLimits function.

Stack, card, or bg size            uint4
Control (including Image) size     uint4
AudioClip or videoClip size        uint4
Number of objects in a stack       uint4
Number of objects per card or bg   uint4
Custom properties per object       uint4
Characters in custom property name uint1
Characters in each custom property uint4
Object name length                 uint2
Characters in a button             uint2
All other string properties        uint2
Characters in a field or variable  uint4
Characters per line in a field     uint2
Maximum shadow or border width     uint1
Script length                      uint4
Command or function name length    uint2
Nested repeats                     uint4
Active variables                   uint4
Message sent to or from external   uint2


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