player result codes?

Phil Davis revdev at
Wed Jul 19 15:51:33 EDT 2006

Trevor DeVore wrote:
> On Jul 19, 2006, at 12:25 PM, Phil Davis wrote:
>> Does anyone know where I can find a list of player codes and their 
>> meanings?
>> I have this code in a handler:
>>   set the filename of tAudioPlayer to tAudioTestFile
>>   set the playSelection of tAudioPlayer to false -- to force entire 
>> clip to play
>>   set the playLoudness of tAudioPlayer to 0 -- to prevent audible 
>> player output
>>   start player "audioTest" of stack "System"
>>   put the result into tPlayResult
>>   if tPlayResult <> 0 then
>>     -- do error handling
>>   end if
>> With everything set correctly (AFAIK), I still get various non-zero 
>> numeric 'result' codes.
> Phil,
> If you are trying to check if Rev could open the file then shouldn't you 
> check the result after setting the filename property?  This returns an 
> error msg if the player object couldn't open the file. Or are the files
 > opening correctly but you are trying to check something else?

Sorry - I abbreviated the actual code for the list. A 'test put' tells me the 
result is empty after setting the filename.

I'm assuming Rev can open the file even if the file can't be played on the 
current hardware. The latter is what I'm really trying to determine.

Thanks Trevor -

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