Ummm, Eeeeee, How do you this again?

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Sun Jul 16 02:20:33 EDT 2006

Hold on there, Baba-Louie! I think what you want is this:
(field names changed to hopefully avoid wrapping)

put (the vScroll of fld "x" / the effective textHeight of fld "x") \
      into tLineScroll
-- set your font size
-- insert your html text
set the vScroll of fld "x" to \
      (the effective textHeight of fld "x" * tLineScroll)

-- the above code should work as long as all lines of fld "x" have the 
same textHeight - otherwise don't you get "mixed" (or something like 
that) as the textHeight value?

Regards -
Phil Davis

Ken Ray wrote:
> On 7/15/06 6:43 PM, "Garrett Hylltun" <garrett at> wrote:
>> Rev 2.6.1  on OS X
>> Greetings,
>> Somebody showed me how to do this before, but for the life of me
>> can't find the code or the email on it.
>> I need to record the vscroll position, increase the font size of the
>> field, then reapply the htmltext, then adjust the vscroll to take
>> into account the increased formattedheight.  Basically, put the
>> vscroll back to the same line as it was before the font size increase.
>> I can't find anything specific to doing this in the docs, and even
>> attempted to figure this out on my own, but I just can't seem to
>> grasp it.
>> Could someone please point me in the right direction?
> put the vScroll of fld "stuff" into tScroll
> -- set your font size
> -- insert your html text
> set the vScroll of fld "Stuff" to tScroll
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