Bob Warren bobwarren at howsoft.com
Fri Jul 14 12:29:35 EDT 2006

Bob Warren wrote:
 >> What you said turns out to be absolutely true, but you won't find 
this in your fstab on Ubuntu Dapper:
 >> /dev/fd0   /media/floppy0  auto rw,user,noauto  0  0

Mark Wieder wrote:
It's in my Dapper Drake distro - try changing the noauto to auto...

Chris Kassopulo wrote:
fstab is a fixed file, created on installation that includes mountable
devices and their mount points.  I cannot mount a floppy without a valid
entry for the floppy drive in fstab.

Mark Wieder wrote:
That's my understanding of this as well. I guess when I boot into
recovery mode there's a different fstab somewhere that doesn't allow
access to the floppy for some reason, but I haven't yet found out
where that fstab lives.

...and I believe I read that you *can* mount a drive not in fstab, but
don't have the time right now to go look that up...


What is confusing this whole issue is the fact that we seem to be 
getting different results using the same distro!

Yesterday, I acquired a new computer for my work in Linux. I installed 
Ubuntu on it.

Also yesterday, I installed Kubuntu on my old machine.

On both machines, I am not running live CDs. Ubuntu and Kubuntu are 
installed to the HD. They are both 100% up to date, since I have 
downloaded all updates offered over the Internet. I am NOT running in 
recovery or any other mode except NORMAL USER.

Neither the fstab for Ubuntu nor the fstab for Kubuntu has a line for 
floppy in it. However, they both have lines for the CD-Rom. [Of course, 
both computers possess a floppy drive physically!!]

How or why this should be apparently different on anyone else's 
computer, I cannot say.

If you know of a means of mounting a (floppy) drive NOT cited in fstab, 
then I would be very grateful to find out what it is. My present 
situation is that the following line does not work in Rev any more:-

get shell("mount /media/floppy0")

- and consequently my file/picture chooser widgets which were restricted 
to funtioning in Ubuntu now no longer work at all with respect to the 
floppy drive!


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