Setting directory on preOpenStack, not seeing images with relative file paths

Peter T. Evensen pevensen at
Fri Jul 14 10:37:23 EDT 2006

This is strange.  I do this all the time and the graphics appear.  What 
version of Revolution are you using?  What platform?    Is this only 
happening in the IDE or does it also happen in standalones?

At 10:17 PM 7/13/2006, you wrote:
>I am setting the directory (the defaultFolder) to a different path on
>a handler called from preOpenStack; I do this so I can access image
>files that sit in another directory immediately when the stack opens.
>However, when the stack opens it sets the directory, but it draws
>everything white at first, like it did not have the directory set.
>When I click to move an image object with a relative filepath,
>though, that image object then draws properly.  The other images do
>not, though, and neither do the backgrounds of graphic objects that
>have their backgroundImage property set to an image residing on the
>Is there a way to force the stack to do reload all the images with
>relative file paths?  Or is there another solution which you can
>think of?  Please ask me to clarify if I have not been clear.  I am
>totally stumped on this problem.
>This help will be extremely appreciated, thanks,
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