Contextual (right-click) menus

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Thu Jul 13 08:53:07 EDT 2006


We discussed this on ChatRev and I decided to check the bug in  
BugZilla. You can find it at < 
show_bug.cgi?id=594>. The bug has been marked as fixed. If you have  
Rev 2.5 or later, you can hide the button, otherwise you should move  
it off-screen.




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get full control of error handling in Revolution.

Op 13-jul-2006, om 11:38 heeft Mark Schonewille het volgende geschreven:

> Klaus and Jared,
> Hiding a popup button caused problems in the past. Since I don't  
> know whether these problems have been fixed, I would advice moving  
> the button off-screen rather than hiding it.
> Best,
> Mark
> Op 13-jul-2006, om 11:28 heeft Klaus Major het volgende geschreven:
>> Hi Jared,
>>> I haven't been able to find instruction on making contextual  
>>> menus for
>>> a Rev app. I have Mr.Shafer's "Revolution" book on hand, but I think
>>> it's not covered there. Is there a guide anyone could point me to?
>> 1. Create a popup menu (button) with all menu entries and  
>> necessary scripts
>> 2. HIDE it!!!!!
>> 3. Script this for all the objects where you want the button to  
>> appear
>> on mousedown what
>>   ## what will be the number of mousebutton
>>  ## so 3 will be the correct one, which is "right click" on windows
>>  ## and CTRL-click on the mac
>>  ## That is where a popup menu is supposed to appear
>>  if what = 3 then
>>    popup btn "your button name here..."
>>  end if
>> end mousedown
>> That's it :-)
>> Regards
>> Klaus Major

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