Dependence on Programming Experts

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it is not exactly so. Modern interpreters no longer interpret the code, they
first translate it to bytecode which is executed by the engine. Although I
do not know is this a case with Revolution engine, but adding just an option
to a translator makes no impact on execution of the bytecode. At least this
is the way Perl works, and it supports many ways of everything. When
describing performance of Runtime Rev engine then it is compared as equal to
Perl by the Runrev experts themselves. So there should not be any big losses
due to alternative syntaxes. But as Bjornke mentioned engine already has a
support for =. Evidently I have played too little with it, but I am happy
with this if it works with my mathematical formulas :-). 
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The biggest problem with syntactic shortcuts as options is that they bloat 
the interpreter/compiler and result in slower execution. It's inevitable. No

single change of this type is going to be noticeable, but you start down 
that slippery slope and add a bunch of them and then people will start 
comlaining the app is too slow. 
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> A bit late in the debate (but I am at my cottage with at best 
> primitive dial-up): 
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