Internal security of Rev?

sims sims at
Thu Jul 13 00:15:45 EDT 2006

At 3:57 PM +1200 7/13/06, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>Aside from hardware dongles, what devices/methods can prevent copying?

Although limited, Ambrosia software seems to use at least one such device.
When you come to the EuroRevCon in November I will explain this to you in more
detail, Richard.

"The fundamental change we made was to place the date a license code 
was generated into the code itself. That timestamp is then used at 
just one point in the process: it forces the user to activate the 
product within 30 days, or the code expires and won't activate 
anything, Now, and this is important, the timestamp has absolutely no 
effect on the operation of the software after the code has been 
entered. Once personalized for the user's computer, it remains fully 
functional forever (unless someone wipes the system clean)."


European Rev Conference  2006

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