Dependence on Programming Experts

Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Wed Jul 12 20:41:33 EDT 2006

On Jul 12 2006, at 22:09, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> ...
> I find it interesting that in the currently-supported contexts this 
> common notation hasn't generated argument or controversy, nor has the 
> existing support for Regex which is far less xTalk-like and far more 
> difficult to learn.
> ...

regex has it's own function(s) if you want such a function i might 
suggest this notation:


I could live with that :)

more seriously, a computer language is best treated with a very 
conservative, almost nonchanging behaviour. At least in my opinion. So 
in this case (which seems to be about public relations with all the 
talk of "other users won't appreciate the put command") i have to 
strongly vote for: Leave it as is!


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