Dependence on Programming Experts

Chipp Walters chipp at
Wed Jul 12 20:02:07 EDT 2006

Dear Mr. not the real RGaskin,

What have you done with the real Richard Gaskin! Please return him!

He's the guy I've admired for his simplistic, minimalistic approach to
Rev and has defended on more than one occasion the MC IDE on those
same grounds.

You, Sir, give yourself away by endorsing adding further complexity to
the engine (more parsing, more tokens, etc..) and perhaps even slowing
it down, which the real Richard Gaskin NEVER would have stood for.

Furthermore, your call to 'unify LINUX' is completely against your
roots in "use the best tool (IDE) for the job" as you and I both know
the Real Richard Gaskin would never stand for such a forced merger of
the MC IDE and REV.

Just tell us how much you want and I'll start a collection.

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