Internal security of Rev?

Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Tue Jul 11 23:51:34 EDT 2006

You could make a small bit compress/decompress routine which would give you
less transparency. 

Perhaps using BinaryEncode/BinaryDecode in the Rev lib.  Multiple variables
in one call, very fast.  Fancier would be two levels of encoding.

You could also INTERLACE the chars of a variable between two or more custom

on doInterLace  textBlock --between 2 custom properties
  put 1 into flag  --actually, any number will do
  repeat for each char CH in textBlock
    put flag*-1 into flag
    put CH after tempArr[flag]
  end repeat
  set the custompropertyset of this stack to "lkupTA"
  set the customproperties of this stack to tempArr
end doInterLace

And now you have interlaced chars (even cr's and nulls) in one propertyset
in two custom properties [1] and [-1].  Let them read THAT with their
morning coffee.

Extra subterfuge...  build the above script at runtime so it isn't even in
the file.... this is a 9-liner and you are allowed 10.

build the script
set the script of btn eraser to myScript
insert the script of btn eraser into back

doInterlace textBlock

Of course you would not want to call it 'interlace'...  perhaps sunflower,
or getIntOfLastItem.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On 7/11/06 7:42 PM, "Troy Rollins" <troy_lists at> wrote:

> On Jul 11, 2006, at 9:49 PM, John Tregea wrote:
>> Our application will be used to front end a database that contains
>> classified information, the initial login account details would
>> have to be stored in the Rev application (inside custom properties
> IIRC, a couple of years back I planned to use custom properties for
> this sort of thing. As I remember it, that had to be ditched because
> custom properties ended up as plain text, easily readable by dropping
> the stack file on a text editor. I think we pulled the properties
> into script and populated them at runtime, which gave a marginally
> more secure feeling.
> To this day I still don't know of a very good way to handle this in
> Rev produced apps. I'm all ears.
> --
> Troy
> RPSystems, Ltd.
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