Re. Dependence on Programming Experts

Robert Sneidar bobs at
Mon Jul 10 14:45:24 EDT 2006

I was just telling someone the other day, the main draw of computer  
programming is that it offers a "perfect world" where if you do  
everything right, you get out of it exactly what you expect, unlike  
the real world, where you can do everything right and have everything  
go oh so wrong.

Computer programming is like playing with a virtual constructor kit.  
We love it because building things (even virtual things) is a whole  
lot of fun! Building things which other people find useful is even  
more fun! Which goes to another theory I have, and that is that we  
never stop being children. We just learn to handle responsibility  

Bob Sneidar
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On Jul 10, 2006, at 9:23 AM, use-revolution-request at  

> There is a place in the world for computing experts - and there is  
> also a place for computerised LEGO kits:
> and as far as I can see RR should be good for both.
> sincerely, Richmond Mathewson

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