Dependence on Programming Experts

Judy Perry jperryl at
Mon Jul 10 02:28:45 EDT 2006

And, indeed, I think that THAT's the hallmark of the 'seductive'
environment of which Dan speaks.

It seems to be, of necessity, a carrot and stick thing:  something draws
you in makes you happy/productive, and then willing to conquer the stick.


On Wed, 5 Jul 2006, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> I had to smile at this, mostly because I remember you going through it.
> Congrats, Garrett, you've crossed over. :) Your learning curve was
> pretty classic. First you hate it, then you start to see possibilities,
> then you "get it", then the world's your oyster. Takes a few weeks, but
> is well worth it.
> But as Greg says, not everyone wants to be a programmer. I'm not sure
> how Rev could dumb itself down enough to do what Greg wants without any
> programming at all. I think Media with its templates is a step in the
> right direction, but Rev is definitely a programming environment and
> without at least some scripting it can only do so much.

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