Rev for Linux "Seal of Approval"

Bob Warren bobwarren at
Sat Jul 8 03:21:12 EDT 2006

Thanks for the complement, Chipp.

As I've said, we've actually done a good bit of work on altBrowser for
Linux. Frankly, the external interface for RR on Linux is pretty bad.
Just ask around.
I don't need to ask around, I've felt it beneath my skin for quite some 
time now.

If we were to release altBrowser for Linux, I'm sure you wouldn't be
satisfied-- and I doubt we would be either. I do believe Rev's
external interface on Linux is due for an overhaul.
That's not news, it's history. But are you suggesting that Rev's 
overhaul hasn't even begun yet?!!! I was hoping for this in #2.7 - 
"Coming soon"!

I needed a browser for Rev. I hired someone to build it and paid them.
If you're interested in doing the same, please contact me offlist.
Thanks, but I wouldn't have the money. I'm an individual producer of 
free software, living in Brazil, not a company.

I was sincere in my best wishes for you to use RealBasic, as they
obviously already have the solution you desire. And if it does work
for you, please respond back to us with your findings. I am always
interested in learning about others experiences using RAD tools, in
fact just today I talked with Dan about Smalltalk.
Well, if I want to use an embedded browser, I cannot use Rev, that's for 
sure. There never was and never will be any incompatability between 
using Rev for some things, and Realbasic for others. But that I should 
be obliged to do it is disappointing, to say the least. It might be 
didactic though.

At this time, we do not have plans to sell an altBrowser for Linux in
the near future. That of course, may change.
If it does change, on whose initiative would that be? I am shocked that 
this issue has apparently made only retrograde progress since it came up 
almost a year ago. Somebody needs to get their finger out in order to 
move forward.


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