Garrett Hylltun garrett at paraboliclogic.com
Fri Jul 7 16:13:25 EDT 2006

Thomas McCarthy wrote:
> Stephen Barncard gave me the heads up on Dreamhost. Do it.

I posted in on the rev forums about this.  I use pgware.com hosting and 
have been for sometime now.  Due to this thread I thought I'd try rev on 
my server.  It works but with only one catch.  I could not get the 
cgi-bin directory to cooperate so I made a new directory named rev-bin 
and it worked fine from there.

Plans start at about $5 usd a month at pgware and I've had no problems 
at all with the server or the service.  The guy who runs it is a long 
time programming buddy of mine.  But his operation is a small one and he 
does not have a large support team or anything like that.  So support 
can be delayed anywhere from an hour to the next day depending on the 
time you submit for help.  I'm sure he'd be more than flexible if you 
need something changed, tweaked or fixed.

Also, the accounts come complete with CPanel which allows you a lot of 
options for your server, easy access to setting up forums and so on.



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