standalone application problem

Michael Robinson robinsongroup at
Thu Jul 6 23:41:10 EDT 2006

I am having a problem with Revolution 2.7.2 that I never had with  
previous versions!
After building a standalone application and opening it, the main  
stack seems to  works OK, it is when you create a new file ( cloning  
of a sub-stack ) the new file is created but does not work just  
right, almost like it does not know who it is or where is located.

1) It will not open a drawer that is in a preopenstack handler until  
it is closed and reopened 1 time, but it will open the drawer from  
the menu the first time.

2) It will create a new document when the file is created, but will  
not import information from another file until it is opened & closed  
2 times.

This is driving me crazy!

PowerBook G4 15"
System Version:	Mac OS X 10.4.7 (8J135)

I would appreciate some help


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