Rev for Linux "Seal of Approval"

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Thu Jul 6 21:16:04 EDT 2006

Hi Bob,

> I'm not sure what you are asking either. If you are referring 
> to what I said at the beginning of the thread, I would 
> certainly not want Rev to test on only one version of Linux. 
> However, what I did suggest was special attention to a 
> restricted set of Linuxes (for various technical reasons), at 
> least at the moment.

I don't think its really feasible to shoot broadly at all Linuxes -
certainly a short list get the lion's share of attention and SuSE and RedHat
wouldn't be too far off the mark for special attention.

> As for the sentence about Rev missing the boat, what I meant 
> was that just as Rev failed to scoop up great numbers of VB6 
> orphans (of which I am one), it seems that they are also 
> failing to satisfy their users requiring an embedded browser 
> (in stark contrast to Realbasic). Note too that this question 
> has a direct relationship with recent discussions on the 
> UR-List regarding the use of the Internet, multimedia 
> delivery, embedding Rev stacks in browsers, etc. The only 
> difference is that the provision of an altBrowser-type 
> embedded browser is much more fundamental.
> Regarding Realbasic's support of SUSE, I am not yet in a 
> position to give an opinion on whether it is a good or a bad 
> thing. What I do know regarding their embedded browser 
> (called "HTMLview") is that not only is it guaranteed to work 
> on SUSE, it also works great on my (unsupported) Ubuntu. 
> That's 100% better than I can do with Rev at the moment.

The lack of a browser control in Rev is...a lack :-) We feel it.

Since Altuit has been there to fill that need, its had a lower priority. I
don't know what exactly needs to be fixed for Altbrowser to do its thing on
Linux but Im sure when Linux gets the attention it needs, Chipp wont be shy
about reminding us :-)

Best regards,

Lynn Fredricks
Worldwide Business Operations
Runtime Revolution, Ltd

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