Rev for Linux "Seal of Approval"

Bob Warren bobwarren at
Thu Jul 6 18:00:24 CDT 2006

Bob Warren wrote:

 >I wonder whether their embedded browser (like altBrowser) now
 >> works without tweaking in my Ubuntu Linux?
 >> I DO hope that Rev are not going to miss the boat AGAIN!!

Lynn Fredricks wrote:
Hi Bob,

Im not sure what you are asking here. Do you want Runtime to only test 
with one version of Linux? That is the only thing guaranteed by REAL's 
support SUSE in the press release.

Hi Lynn,

I'm not sure what you are asking either. If you are referring to what I 
said at the beginning of the thread, I would certainly not want Rev to 
test on only one version of Linux. However, what I did suggest was 
special attention to a restricted set of Linuxes (for various technical 
reasons), at least at the moment.

What I was referring to in the sentences you quoted was the complete 
unavailability of altBrowser for Linux. Half a yonk ago (that word 
again), I asked Rev to fix this, since I needed it desperately. I was 
told that special changes to Rev were required so that Altuit could 
produce it, but that such changes would be made in the not-too-distant 
future. However, it turns out that the situation of altBrowser for Linux 
is not too different to the "Coming soon" of #2.7: it all depends on 
what you mean by "soon"! As an ordinary Studio user, I have no ET for 
the appearance of 2.7, and I certainly have no idea whether when it does 
eventually appear it will include the changes required for altBrowser, 
whether the necessary specialFolderPath functions will be implemented, 
etc. In other words, Rev has kept me (us) completely in the dark. I am 
not happy as a result.

As for the sentence about Rev missing the boat, what I meant was that 
just as Rev failed to scoop up great numbers of VB6 orphans (of which I 
am one), it seems that they are also failing to satisfy their users 
requiring an embedded browser (in stark contrast to Realbasic). Note too 
that this question has a direct relationship with recent discussions on 
the UR-List regarding the use of the Internet, multimedia delivery, 
embedding Rev stacks in browsers, etc. The only difference is that the 
provision of an altBrowser-type embedded browser is much more fundamental.

Regarding Realbasic's support of SUSE, I am not yet in a position to 
give an opinion on whether it is a good or a bad thing. What I do know 
regarding their embedded browser (called "HTMLview") is that not only is 
it guaranteed to work on SUSE, it also works great on my (unsupported) 
Ubuntu. That's 100% better than I can do with Rev at the moment.

If on the other hand you could give us SOME kind of good news regarding 
this browser issue in Linux, I would be very grateful. Being kept in the 
dark like this causes a lot of suffering.


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