Dependence on Programming Experts

Andre Garzia soapdog at
Thu Jul 6 11:59:06 EDT 2006


before we all get moded....

Greg, I said this three times, I was one of the first to ever answer  
to this thread and nobody seems to take notice...

Think simply, Flash, photoshop and the like are end user tools.  
Revolution is a programming language, so programming skills are  
desired or acquired along the way.

I've coded in dozens of languages, I could be called a language junky  
is this thing is ever existant. Revolution is by far the most easy of  
the languages out there.

I too coded in Squeak but Rev still easier. The object oriented  
paradigm looks marvelous in theory but so one besides smalltalk ever  
managed to implement it in a good maner. And objects don't appear out  
of nowhere, you still need to code them.

There's a very good book by Dan Shafer, you can buy it on eBook  
format, that will teach you what revolution is all about.

Rev is a programming language, there's no way you'll ever do  
something without programming.

The desire to learn should be greater than the desire to change. One  
cannot change something without learning it first.

Please don't talk about  groans and grunts. You're using a computer  
not talking to a human, it's not grunts and groans, it's just a way  
that the computer will be able to understand and yet not too hard.  
Also your complaints about the "dumb down" parlance, thats common  
computer jargon, it's not aimed at you, thats just what everyone  
calls when it needs to strip out complex features.

I don't understand why you're with a computer programming language in  
a computer programming list, full of supporters, every single one  
trying to help you and yet, you complain and don't even try the  
solutions posted.


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