Dependence on Programming Experts

Dan Shafer revolutionary.dan at
Thu Jul 6 03:02:57 EDT 2006

It should be noted, Greg, that it was I, not Jacque, who made the comments
to which you are responding.

And, FWIW, I don't completely disagree with you that we should be farther
along. I suspect I have even fewer years left to accomplish my big software
goals than  you. (At least I think I'm the oldest active xTalker as far as I
can tell, or certainly in the top 10).

But we can't spend time bemoaning the fact that the tools aren't farther
along if we expect to accomplish great things, either. Squeak and Croquet
are awesome and are much more like what I'd like to use for development but
they have some big disadvantages when it comes to deployment as well.
Everything's a tradeoff.

On 7/5/06, GregSmith <brucegregory at> wrote:
> Jacqueline:
> The real question that needs to be answered is, why now, with the tools of
> today, like Squeak or Croquet, would I want to resort to "coding" using
> the
> grunts and groans of yesteryear?  I'm sorry for those many years you and
> others have toiled away trying to master those alien techniques "required"
> to make a machine do relatively simple things.  I don't have a lot of
> years
> left to start from the point people like you started at many years
> ago.  We
> should have come farther by now and should not be satisfied with anything
> other than those tools which save us the most time and energy.  I made no
> insult to any person by suggesting that standard "programming" is the
> equivalent of communication using a series of grunts and groans.  The fact
> that inventors of "modern" computer languages do not see beyond those
> methods which have already spent the lives of millions of deskbound slaves
> really constitutes the major technological insult.  It is the required use
> of languages like these that force users like us to become "dumbed down".
> Need we submit to this kind of humiliation?
> Greg Smith
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