Dependence on Programming Experts

Dan Shafer revolutionary.dan at
Thu Jul 6 00:02:35 EDT 2006


You and I have had similar aspirations, it seems. The ideas are different
but their seminal grounding is the same. I long ago concluded that the only
way to get what I want is to bite the bullet and become a programmer.

A lot of what you want to do encapsulates intelligence and behavior in
reusable objects. For that, you may find an object-oriented tool like
Smalltalk (specifically Squeak) more amenable. Tons of simulations (which
are close to what you seem to be thinking) have been done in Smalltalk over
the decades. There are a LOT of substrates and components out there already.

My take is that Rev is not likely to be an easy, malleable environment in
which to create the kinds of things your obviously fertile mind is already
dreaming up, let alone the things that will spring forth from those already
rich ideas.

Just my opinion, of course, but I think you'd find more shoulders on which
to stand (i.e., components, objects, concepts, tools) over in Smalltalkland
than you will in RevWorld.

On 7/5/06, GregSmith <brucegregory at> wrote:
> Bj?rnke:
> I didn't specifiy precisely what it is I want to achieve in my last post
> because it was already long enough.  I actually have several different
> projects in mind that I would, before I die, like to try to accomplish,
> but
> don't know if they are realistic for one guy, working alone.  I know I can
> do the graphics and the basic interactivity, but these projects go deeper
> than that:
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