how the internet works : the official explanation

Brian Yennie briany at
Wed Jul 5 18:35:42 EDT 2006

This guy certainly have some laughable sound bites, but is his 
understanding of the issues really THAT bad? I know it's funny for him 
to say that "the internet" took days to get to him, or that it's a 
bunch of tubes, however... the fact is that widespread VOIP and 
streaming video _does_ threaten to slow down everyone's internet 
experience by using enormous amounts of bandwidth.

He'd sound a lot better if he used the words "bandwidth" and "email and 
didn't have a lame personal example, but then again the vast number of 
people out there simply believe that bandwidth is some sort of 
unlimited resource.

I enjoy a good laugh at clueless politicians, and this guy certainly 
set himself up, but his conclusions probably didn't come from his lost 
e-mail. More likely someone actually explained the issues to him and he 
just stinks at speaking about it.

Beats the heck out of a smooth talking politician screwing the little 
guy - at least he's looking out for the consumer in all of this.

> Boy I have no reservations. If this idiot actually tries to pass laws 
> about something for me, at least he should do some research, and not 
> base his ideas on his own lame experience.
>  Internet stuff is not rocket science to understand - and these guys 
> are also behind the funding ALL technical spending by the government. 
> They had better get up to speed or stand aside for the new generation 
> of politicians who really do understand.
> sqb
>> You should probably take his age into account. My dad is younger than 
>> Ted
>> Stevens and he knows even less about the internet. I recently set up 
>> an old
>> Windows 98 computer for him to play his casino games. All he knows is 
>> casino
>> games and MSN hotmail - and if the Internet Explorer homepage shows 
>> anything
>> besides MSN, he gets in a fit!
>> So I hesitate to make fun of this guy.
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