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Mon Jul 3 08:31:32 EDT 2006

On 1/7/06 13:07, Robert Mann wrote:
> fixed my bad lost power the other and my server was reset not to allow
> changes to files, but I never got a error from rev telling me that it could
> not save but instead kept saying save completed?
> Robert Mann
> President
> GP Racing LLC
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> Subject: saving problem
> I seem to have a problem saving with 2.7.2 build 261
> yesterday I made quit a few changes to one of my stacks, as I am working I
> click the save every 5 or 10 minutes, well this morning open up the stack
> none of my changes are there. So I started over this time I only made a few
> changes than saved and closed rev, reopen stack changes not there, what
> could be going on?
> Robert Mann
> President
> GP Racing LLC

Hi Robert,

I don't think that's your bad; Rev should have told you that the save had failed.

I've conformed this behaviour (that Save claims to have completed, even if it 
couldn't) on Mac OS X, and reported it to Bugzilla:

Were you on OS X or Windows?  If the latter, please add a note to the above 
bug report to confirm that this error occurs on Windows also.

Thank you,

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