Can I export an animated GIF?

graham samuel graham.samuel at
Mon Jan 30 17:35:13 CST 2006

In order to try to effect a rescue of a corrupt stack, I'm exporting  
the images from it by typing stuff like the following in the message  

set the clipboardData["image"] to img "myImage" of cd "someCard" of  
stack "someStack"

and then picking up the object on the clipboard in a graphic editor  
(plain vanilla 'copy' only works on text, I find)

This works well, but a few of my images are animated GIFs, and in  
this case only one frame comes across, presumably because the  
underlying format of the clipboardData for images is PNG. Doubtless I  
can go back to the original files for these, but I am curious as to  
how I might get  RR to export an animated GIF intact. Any suggestions?



Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK and France

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