Total Number of Cards

Judy Perry jperryl at
Fri Jan 27 02:05:58 CST 2006


Thanks, Ken!


On Fri, 27 Jan 2006, Ken Ray wrote:

> On 1/26/06 11:35 PM, "Judy Perry" <jperryl at> wrote:
> You got the right response from Phil and Judy, but I'd also like to make you
> aware of "the cardnames of <stackDescriptor>", which will give you a
> return-delimited list of the short names of each card, in order that they
> appear in the stack. This can be really useful, and of course you can also
> get "the number of lines" of the cardnames as an alternative to "the number
> of cards" if you want.
>   put the cardNames of this stack
>   put the number of lines of (the cardNames of this stack)
> (of course, I'd use "number of cards" or even "num of cds" because it's
> shorter, but just giving you other options...)

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