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Marty Knapp martyknapp at comcast.net
Wed Jan 25 09:19:01 CST 2006

Does anybody else get this --

create a new stack
insert a menubar with the default items (with Mac menubar option)
issue an "ask file" command
close dialog
check Edit menus - all menu items are enabled

But. . .
issue an "ask file" as sheet command
close dialog
check the Edit menus - Cut and Copy are disabled

??? (Hope I'm not being a total dope here . . .)

Marty Knapp

> As an addedum to this, it happens consistently after an ask file 
> command has been issued that Cut and Copy are disabled. Placing the 
> cursor into an editable field does not reset it. And it only seems to 
> manifest itself on the Mac version. I tried inserting  "enable 
> menuitem 1 of menu "Edit"" at the end of my handler invoking the ask 
> file command, but no go.
>> Hello,
>> My standalone has a standard Edit menu, with Cut, Copy Paste 
>> menuitems. In none of my scripts do I ever enable or disable them, 
>> yet they are getting disabled some of the time. The keyboard 
>> shortcuts always seem to work,  but I can't figure out what the issue 
>> is here. Any clues for me?
>> Thanks,
>> Marty Knapp

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