Radio Button Color

Klaus Major klaus at
Tue Jan 24 10:37:41 EST 2006

Hi Camm,

> That's a shame !

oh, c'mon, that's the way most IDEs work! :-)

But it is not so difficult to roll your own!
Just use 2 images as icon and hiliteicon for checkboxes and
radiobuttons and that's it.

And check my entries (user: klausimausi) on Rev-online to see an example
of a custom slider...

> Thanks anyway.
> Camm
>> Hi Camm29,
>>> Hi
>>> How do you change the color of a "Radio" Button
>>> or Progress Bar , Slider
>> you can't! You will have to create your own!
>> Rev simply "borrows" them from the current OS, that's why they look
>> "native" on every OS where Rev runs on :-)


Klaus Major
klaus at

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