Amazing, strange, and mystifying

Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Thu Jan 19 22:38:48 EST 2006

On 1/19/06 3:47 PM, "Mark Swindell" <mswindel at> wrote:
> This is kind of spooky, no?  Has the behavior been reproduced or does
> it still appear random?
> Mark

Spooky is a good word.
Appears only to have been yesterday, the 18th.  Not reproduced since.  I am
starting to use the altArchive plugin to make auto backups.  Not sure if
this will only backup the "static, unchanged" version or the progressive
ones am hoping for.

I created the following plugin:  SaveWithScriptPI.rev added to altPlugins
toolbar.  Works like a charm.  I feel better.

on saveWithScriptBkup       --1.19.06  Mac OSX version
  put the short name of the topStack into stk
  put the mainStack of stack stk into stk
  revSave stk
  --then put the script in another folder
  put "file:" & specialFolderPath("docs") &"/scriptsRev/" into pathh
  get the short name of the topStack
  put pathh & the seconds & it & "SCPT.txt" into pathhFN
  put the script of this stack into url pathhFN
end saveWithScriptBkup

--using the seconds gives automatic script versioning without doing the
altArchive of the whole stack file each time.  I like doing frequent saves
while scripting, sometimes 4 or 5 saves in 5 minutes.

This will work for my programming style, which is to do most all of my
scripts in the stack script container, using buttons and fields as
 on mouseup
   do the short name of me
end mouseup

on mouseDown
  do (the short name of me & "Down")
end mouseDown

I will let you know if any thing else of note happens.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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