How to remove a carriage return from a field?

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Thu Jan 19 15:40:29 EST 2006

Put this in the field:

On rawkeydown pKey
  If numtochar(pKey) <> linefeed then pass rawkeydown
End rawkeydown

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Subject: How to remove a carriage return from a field?

In my stack, the user enters identifying information into a field, 
and this text is used to build a filename for ftp upload. This works 
fine as long as the user does not enter a carriage return at the end 
of the field. If the user does press "enter," this messes up the 
upload. How can I script it so that any carriage returns are removed 
from the field?

Suggestions for actual scripts would be very much appreciated since I 
am a newbie. :-)

Thanks very much,
Claire Bradin Siskin
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