Jobs & Here We Go Again

Mark Talluto userev at
Thu Jan 19 11:14:08 CST 2006

What I like about Rev is that you can create a full application with  
one individual.  You can compete against much larger teams using  
those other languages.  With that in mind, all of us here can be  
quite successful working on applications that we come with  
individually.  What I am trying to say is, take a good look at the  
world around you.  It is begging for software to improve someone's  
life.  The vertical market type applications to be created are  
endless.  Once you reach into the pond with all those fish, you will  
never be hungry again.

Everyone here is very talented.  Take a look at some of the private  
sector markets and pick one.  Learn everything you can about it and  
talk to people in that field.  They will hand you applications  
ideas.  Your hardest job will be to pick one of them because the list  
will be quite abundant.  You will never be happier after you make  
that first application.  Freedom awaits!

Mark Talluto
CANELA Software

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