File/Picture Chooser Widgets available for Windows XP

Bob Warren robertum at
Wed Jan 18 11:36:50 EST 2006

Dear Windows XP Users (and others),

This is a quick status report on the testing of the file and picture 
chooser widgets available for download at .

On my machines, these widgets work perfectly. However, for some reason 
yet to be discovered, they do not work on Ken Ray's machine. In order to 
help with the diagnosis, I have released a copy of the file chooser 
stack to him.

In the meantime, I suggest that the widgets as they stand should be used 
for testing purposes, but not for distribution in any way. I need to 
discover whether the difficulty on Ken's machine is an isolated incident 
or whether it represents the tip of an iceberg.

So far, Ken has been extremely helpful. But what I need at this moment 
is for other Windows XP users to test the widgets and to tell me how 
they behave on their machines and their particular flavour of Windows XP.

The sooner I get this issue solved, the sooner I can get to work on the 
Linux versions and arrange for a conversion to MAC. RR sadly lacks a 
picture chooser with preview, so whatever you can do to help would be of 
potential benefit to all.

Thanks guys.


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