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Mark Schonewille europe at
Tue Jan 10 20:31:31 EST 2006

Dear Preston,

It doesn't make sense to count the number of animations.

In the Arcade Engine, you could count the number of objects. 
Usually, objects are animated by attaching a script to them. You 
do this manually, using the script editor.

The Animation Builder does little more than remembering the 
position of each object for each "frame" of your animation. 
There is a series of locations for each animated object. It 
looks like you have a number of animations, but in fact it is 
just a number of objects that change location. The different 
locations are kept in custom properties starting with 
cREVAnimation. The custom properties are in the animated objects.

So, animations are related to objects and objects are on a 
particular card or in a group on a number of cards.

Perhaps I/we can provide better advice if you can explain why 
exactly you need this.



Preston Shea wrote:
>  Is there a way to see the animations on a card besides using the revanimation.rev tool?
> Sorry - I was unclear in my first request. 
> What I mean is: How can you tell what animations are on a particular card? Is the information in the Inspector or is it necessary to open revanimate.rev? I think Arcade Engine stores them as custom properties of the object but I couldn't find the animations of revanimate.rev that way. Probably just my dumb mistake.
> Thanks


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