Quicktime for Windows 98?

jeffrey reynolds jeff at siphonophore.com
Mon Jan 9 11:26:07 CST 2006


Apple is very careful about the quicktime distribution. If you want  
to distribute quicktime with your product you have to jump through  
several hoops to do so. They are very restrictive. You can only  
distribute the most current version of QT with your product. If you  
reissue the product you also have to update the quicktime w/in 6  
months. Also your installer must also run the quicktime installer in  
one installation step. they also want reports on your distribution of  
discs containing qt and samples of the disc for verification.

they use to have the requirement that your application must only work  
with the newest version of quicktime, at least they have dropped that!

Also they dont license qt for download, you have to send folks to the  
qt site for that.

bottom line is its really a mess to try and fufill all these  
regulations and i have just stepped back to having folks need to have  
quicktime or download it themselves.

I can see why apple has abandoned 98 for its current, supported,  
software. its way past its lifetime for support and I am sure they  
just cant afford to support all legacy systems out there with all the  
lastest qt festures.

I wish their distribution agreement was less restrictive, but i guess  
it is how they ensure there are not a lot of discs being distributed  
now with a 5 year old version of quicktime on it (there are, but this  
just reduces this greatly).

so any distribution by you of the older versions of qt will have to  
be under the table.

if you search around the apple downloads you can find the qt 6.3  
installer there for download. I think its the last version that ran  
under 98, so you could send folks there, but I would not trust that  
it is going to continue to be there for ever, although apple has been  
pretty good about keeping old stuff around for legacy systems, just  
sometimes not that easy to find!




On Jan 9, 2006, at 1:50 AM, use-revolution-request at lists.runrev.com  

> 100,000 hits logged on to just one of our web sites in December 2005
> whose user agent was "Windows 98" .....So if we deploy a free app
> that requires QT... ? unique IP's? hard to say... (webalizer is
> "deficient" to say the least) don't know maybe that represents 40,000
> users? They are left stranded?
> I thought the "media player wars" would dictate a strategy by Apple
> to  make sure *any* Windows user could easily run QT. At least Apple
> has not deleted it from their web site... a search turns up any
> number of old versions, which in itself is confusing:
> http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/quicktime652forwindows.html
> Does anyone know if QT 6.5.2 was the latest and last one released for
> Windows 98? Every time I search on Apples site I would land on a
> different one 6.2.5, 6.3... and there was no way to know which is the
> latest for Windows 98
> I filled in Apple's Feedback with a suggestion to Apple they add a
> link to an older version on their Windows QT page.
> Thanks to Richmond for sending me an installer.
> Sivakatirswami

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