MVC (was Text database using custom properties)

David Bovill david at
Wed Jan 4 12:07:43 EST 2006

On 13 Dec 2005, at 13:40, Dave LeYanna wrote:

>> Dave Bovill and I have taken somewhat different approaches to a  
>> runrev
>> implementation of an MVC architecture. I'm not sure if Dave's made  
>> his
>> public yet, but you can see mine on revonline. You may not like it if
>> you're used to a traditional MVC construct, as I've turned it some 90
>> degrees and put the burden on the model rather than the controller,
>> but I think it fits with xtalk better that way. At any rate it may
>> give you some ideas of how you want to implement things.

Yes - I've put a lot of work into this (inspired by mark's demo).  
What I am thinking would be a good demonstration of how MVC can add  
to the collaboration possibilities inherent with Revolution is to  
release this for a tree widget.

There are several different versions and data models for outliners /  
tree widgets floating around and by adding an MVC architecture the  
developer can not only customise a single tree widget for many  
purposes, but also switch between data models.

This gives other developers the ability to fork / improve the speed  
and robustness of the implementation by cloning or creating a new  
data model (while still using the same tree widget view). It also  
allows users to easily switch / upgrade to alternative data models?

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