[OT] .ds_store Messing Up ZIP

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Tue Jan 3 21:51:50 CST 2006


I have a plugin for MacOSX users which will display all invisible files 
in a folder and you can also choose to make them visible. From there 
it's an easy step to remove them.

Plugin named: altFileMgr

Type in the MSG box:

go URL "http://www.gadgetplugins.com/altplugins/revAltFileMgr.rev"



Scott Rossi wrote:
> I've been plagued by this enough that I thought I would ask...
> For me, creating simple ZIP archives on Mac systems that contain a few files
> is usually straightforward.  However, I often find that when the ZIP
> archives starts to contain nested subfolders, I often wind up with invisible
> .ds_store files that corrupt the archive when it comes time to decompress on
> Windows systems.  The only recourse seems to be to move folders over to
> Windows, delete any .ds_store files, and compress there.
> Is there any Mac utility out there that allows one to poke around inside a
> ZIP archive to delete these extraneous .ds_store files?  Or even better,
> some way to tell Stuffit to ignore/delete these files in the first place?

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