Use of images

xavier.bury at xavier.bury at
Mon Jan 2 07:00:23 EST 2006

Hi Christian

the image path example is probably the easiest. 

The other method would require loading the stack in memory causing 
problems on low memory
conditions... You would also have to consider watching image id conflicts 
if you want to edit those
and possibly other issues like network latency saving your stack and the 

One solution to that would be to split up the images across a few stacks 
to reduce the memory
footprint but still it would innelegant unless you want to secure your 
images so no one copies them...


use-revolution-bounces at wrote on 02/01/2006 12:53:40:

> Hello,
> I have to work with about 280 images making about 200mb.
> which method would have the best performance in Rev :
> - letting the images outsite the app and setting the filename of img 
> to them
> - importing them in a stack and working with it as an invisible stack 
> (referring to them by setting the icon of a button to the id of imgs)
> ???
> Thanks for any reflection,
> Christian L.

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