[ANN] HOOT: Hacked Object Oriented Transcript

Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Mon Feb 27 14:30:30 EST 2006

Recently, Mark Wieder wrote:

>>> control pID of this stack
>> I would be wary of this, from the standpoint of using object references in
>> variables.

> Yes, thanks for the warning. I don't use object numbers myself and
> did, of course, mean to type:
> control id pID of this stack

Actually, that's not what I meant.  Using the long name or ID provides a
"full" path to an object (including the card the object sits on, group its
in, etc).  I haven't used your notation above but using a "simple" object
reference (that excludes the card reference for example) may be what causes
the engine barf and lose track of things.  Again, YMMV, but using long
ID/name appear to be "safer".


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