Win XP / Rev 2.7

Dave Beck dave at
Sat Feb 25 16:16:06 EST 2006

For the record I want to say that when I installed Rev 2.7 on XP I had
crashes many times a day as well. That makes three of us on this list that
had severe problems and had to roll back to 2.6.1, loosing time and work.
For me, the crashes seemed to occur more often than not when selecting and
editing text, both in the script editor and in plain fields. As for tracing
down the problem by dissecting stacks, etc., as of now I am busy with other
matters and am hoping the Rev team can sort this out. It is obviously not a
problem that is limited to my configuration and I would probably have just
as hard a time tracing it down as somebody starting from scratch. 

I was disappointed that such a severe problem made it into a release.


ps. I am not using any plugins, I installed to a new folder (changed the
default install path), and I upgraded from 2.6.1. The one stack I have had
problems with was converted from 2.6.1. I work somewhat routinely with one
other stack that unfortunately I did not save a copy of before opening with
2.7, so I am stuck with 2.7 for that stack. Rev has not crashed yet when I
have been working with that stack. I will let the list know if that changes.

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