Transcript and Dot Notation

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Fri Feb 24 16:31:16 EST 2006

Nooooooooooooooooo not this again................

Why does he keep bringing this up?

Just poking fun,


I can read dot but have never really 'liked' it.

On Feb 24, 2006, at 3:02 PM, Dan Shafer wrote:

> I seem to have a knack for starting discussion threads that are
> probably just close enough to being on topic to avoid their immediate
> crushing by Listmom Heather and yet generate significant amounts of
> message traffic for which some people here probably wish I would just
> shut up or go away. Preferably both.
> But Judy Perry, in the thread about Bugzilla that I started yesterday,
> said something that I thought ought to spawn a new thread, so here it
> is.
> She said, "Lingo went to in a very short fashion...
> Please don't
> let Transcript follow behind Lingo!"
> I am an object-oriented programmer by training and disposition. Every
> single object oriented programming language that I've used (and I have
> admittedly not used them all) with the single exception of Smalltalk
> (which I actually think got it right) uses dot notation. Java.
> JavaScript. Lingo. Ruby. Python. All of them. It is an accepted
> convention in OO languages where it is essential to identify methods
> and attributes with object namespaces.
> So if Transcript does go object-oriented -- and I hope and believe it
> will, though it may be an alternative fork rather than a forced switch
> -- I hope it *does* in fact adopt dot notation so that all of us who
> have trained our brains to think in those terms when we create and
> program with objects will e comfortable doing so.
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