Is duration (not delay) of the toolTip adjustable

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Mon Feb 20 14:46:08 EST 2006

Le Monday, 20 Feb 2006, à 17:09 Europe/Paris, Thomas McGrath III a 
écrit :

> André,
> Would you care to share your script? Thanks.
> Tom

It's my pleasure, Tom
---In the script of the field :
Remind you : the field contains titles of texts (not wrapped lines) ; 
some lines are too long to be entirely visible. To avoid the use of the 
horizontal scrollBar (I maintained it anyway) the user can maintain the 
mouseDown on a line, must have enough time to read the all line in the 
toolTip or, at any time during the toolTip display, s(he) must be able 
to stop displaying the toolTip.
on mouseDown
   set the toolTipDelay to 150
   wait 5 seconds with messages
   set the toolTipDelay to 1
end mouseDown

on seeToolTip
   put word 2 of the mouseLine into tLine
set the tooltip of me to empty
set the toolTip of me to line tLine of me
end seeToolTip

on mouseUp
   set the toolTip of me to empty
   set the toolTipDelay to 500
   exit to top
end mouseUp
Any idea to improve it welcomed :-)
Thanks again for your help (I learned much with your stacks).

Best regards from Grenoble

> On Feb 20, 2006, at 9:45 AM, André.Bisseret wrote:
>> Hi Martin and Tom,
>> Le Monday, 20 Feb 2006, à 13:29 Europe/Paris, Martin Blackman a écrit 
>> :
>>> Why not have your own 'tooltip' field that you show for as long as
>>> required. Set its layer so it is above the other field(s), update its
>>> contents and move it to the mouseloc or nearby before showing it. 
>>> Then
>>> hide it when ready eg, send 'disappear' to field "theTooltip" in 1
>>> second . (The disappear handler being : hide me)
>> You are right ! I thought to this solution and I was keeping it in 
>> reserve, in case of no success with the tooltip !
>> I kept trying the tooltip solution, because, In my current case, (or 
>> if my current case then :-))), using the tooltip has an advantage 
>> that has not a normal field : it possibly overshoots the (right) edge 
>> of the window.
>> Currently, after studying the Tom' stacks,  I scripted a tooltip 
>> solution  that consists (in summary) in calling twice the tooltip,  
>> waiting 5 sec between the two ; and,just before the second call, I 
>> reduce the tooltipdelay to the minimum (1) (resuming the default 
>> value on mouseUp); thus, there is a very short interruption between 
>> the two presentations, actually nearly unnoticeable.
>> Thanks a lot for your attention to my problem
>> Best regards from Grenoble
>> André

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