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J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Sun Feb 19 13:31:44 EST 2006

Cal Horner wrote:

> What is the matter with the developers of Revolution. Don't they realize
> that we don't need to relearn the development environment every time they
> release a new maintenance version?

To be fair, they haven't really changed the IDE setup very often. The 
current change is a response to the many, many complaints they got about 
how users had to re-enter their preferences after every release, move 
their custom plugins, and basically set up the working environment from 
scratch after every update.

This should be the last time you have to re-establish your working 
environment. The new structure separates your personal work-flow stacks 
from the IDE, and every update from now on will automatically see your 
custom setup. Your prefs are saved in the usual place for your OS, so 
they also will transfer transparently after every update -- you won't 
have to ever reset them again (as soon as the saving glitch gets fixed, 

This was a long-requested change that people have been requesting -- and 
for some, demanding -- for years, so I think RR can be considered 
responsive to its customers rather than whimsically changing the IDE.

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