sort of OT, CD names to iTunes

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Sun Feb 19 12:43:33 EST 2006

I guess you've found you get better results when you manually split 
the files from your LP session than depend on auto-splitting.  Needle 
noise usually messes that up.

And Gracenote can only recognize digital signatures that are created 
from the exact digital image of a CD that has been ripped before by 
someone. Party mixes and your project of course won't be recognized.

The best plan is to transfer with, then name the regions as song 
titles in Sound Studio, use the split regions to aiff files feature 
and then import the AIFFs into iTUnes. The named AIF files will 
appear in the lists and the onboard label printing or external 
printing pgms can use the info.

>Charles Hartman wrote:
>>I'm doing a lot of LP -> CD transfers, a process with many steps 
>>some  of which are silly & tedious. One of them is that, after I've 
>>split  the digitized audio file into tracks, and named them (a 
>>little  tedious in itself since I'm using an ancient Toast Lite to 
>>burn the  CD), and go to import the tracks into iTunes, unless it's 
>>a recording  known to GraceNote I have to type all the track names 
>>(and composers)  *again* in the iTunes info panel. I was thinking a 
>>little Rev stack  to do this would be handy (and worth the time if 
>>I do *another*  couple of hundred), but I'm not sure where to look.

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