Where is the list of all the Revolution messages etc?

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at sosmartsoftware.com
Sun Feb 19 03:21:17 EST 2006

Hi Jacque,

Thanks for pointing this.
The less I can say is that is counter-intuitive :-)
In addition, this menu is not compliant with Mac OS guide lines: it  
should appear at mouseDown.

Le 19 févr. 06 à 00:16, J. Landman Gay a écrit :

> You can get a partial listing of the kind you are after if you  
> right-click (on Mac, control-click) anywhere in the heading  
> sections of the dictionary pane of the docs. You'll get a menu of  
> the various things you can display in the top list. There are many  
> more options than the four that ship by default.
> Chose the object you want to know about; for example, "button". A  
> button column will appear. Click on it to sort by it. Now all the  
> messages, properties, and commands that apply to buttons will be  
> grouped together at the bottom of the list.

Best Regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet
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