New Rev file format and constellation auto save

Thomas McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Sat Feb 18 15:49:46 EST 2006

Well, I got bit.

I was using a stack and testing the tooltip function in 2.6.1 and  
wanted to see if it behaved any different in 2.7. So i opened it in  
2.7 and changed a script line or two but remembered I was in 2.7 so I  
quit and clicked "Don't save changes" and reopened 2.6.1 and then  
when I went to open the stack there it said there was a problem with  
the stack. It won't open any more in 2.6.1! It got saved even though  
I said not to.


I now realize that since I was using Constellation that has the  
preference to "Save automatically when script is compiled 2 times"  
and so it saved my stack in the 2.7 format and now I can't open it  
anymore in 2.6.1

Luckily I uploaded it to my user space in 2.6.1 so I could go get it  
but if that was one of my working stack I would really be upset right  

This is more of a problem than I first realized when reading the  
other posts on this list about this.



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