Disabled files in 2.7 - Followup

simplsol at aol.com simplsol at aol.com
Fri Feb 17 21:41:08 EST 2006

My pleasure:
It is now bug 3336
Paul Looney

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   simplsol at aol.com wrote: 
 > The original 2.6.1 Type and Creator are 
 > RSTK and Revo 
 > After opening a stack in 2.7 the Type and Creator are converted to 
 > STK and MacO 
  This has got to be a bug. The plist for Rev 2.7 still lists "RSTK" as 
the proper file type, and the creator code is still "Revo". 
  I looked at a newly saved stack and saw that the creator was "MacO" 
and the file type was "ST<littlebox>K". It is the incorrect file type 
that will prevent stacks from opening, but the creator code needs to be 
fixed as well. 
 Can you bugzilla this for us? 
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