Disabled files in 2.7 - Followup

simplsol at aol.com simplsol at aol.com
Fri Feb 17 16:18:28 EST 2006

Yesterday I noted that opening some 2.6.1 stacks in 2.7 made it 
impossible for 2.7 to recognize them again after they were closed. They 
appeared grayed out from the Open menu. The only way that 2.7 would 
open them was through the Recent Files menu. This is a problem with a 
standalone - that doesn't have a recent files menu.
  Richard wisely suggested remaking a new standalone in 2.7 because that 
should correspond with the new file format. I have done so. (By the way 
the standalone builder has improved significantly over the years - 
seems to still have a bug applying the selected icon to the new app - 
and wants to cut off 22 pixels on OS X - but is certainly usable.)
  The new standalone had the same problem. The new app will not open any 
stack previously opened by 2.7
 I dusted off ResEdit and discovered the following:
 The original 2.6.1 Type and Creator are
 RSTK and Revo
 After opening a stack in 2.7 the Type and Creator are converted to
 STK and MacO

  Is anyone having (or not having) a problem opening stacks saved in 2.7 
- without using the Recent Files menu?
  Has anyone made a new standalone in 2.7 - and been able to open stacks 
saved in 2.7?
(OS X 10.4.4, Al PB 1.67, 1 gig., Rev 2.7)
  Paul Looney

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