Disabled files in 2.7

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 22:15:04 EST 2006

>   I opened a stack and decided to make some adjustments to it. When I
> clicked on the Table tab in the Inspector, Rev froze.
>   When I restarted I was able to get the Table tab to open. But, when I
> clicked on the Horizontal Grid, Rev froze again.

I have heard of this happening in earlier version of Rev. Try
interrupting whatever is happening behind the scenes using
Command-period. Then the table properties will work.

I don't know what might be happening with the Open stack menu item.
I've just tried it here and it still works fine, but here is something
to try. When you get the file dialog after choosing "Open stack..",
select "All files" in the popup at the top. This should un-gray all
the files in the current folder so that they can be selected at least.


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