Revolution 2.7 documentation panic

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Wed Feb 15 21:50:39 EST 2006

> >> Where is it possible to find the transcript commands and functions
> >> for each library (old button  "objects")
> > If you go to glossary and type "library" into the search field, you
> > will find entries about all of the libraries with links to their
> > commands.
> Do you and I have different 2.7 glossaries? Typing "library" brings up
> a list of libraries (duh!) but there are no links. I see a definition
> and a bewilderingly stupid set of synonyms (do I really need to know
> that "Video library" is a synonym for "Video library"?, but nothing
> else.

Oops, I only checked a couple. The print library and the geometry
library list their commands but most of the others don't. Sorry for
misleading everyone.

What I really miss is the Topics sections of the 2.6 docs. Jacque & I
both directed Garrett to the 2.6 docs today to find out about menus.


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