Substack problem .... !

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at
Wed Feb 15 19:37:33 EST 2006

Hi Jim and Ken, and anyone else who chimes in later,

Thanks for your clarification on how to insert an independant stack
into a mainstack. I followed the instructions with other stacks and it
works OK.

However, with the substack U2 that I extricated from my Mainstack,
it simply doesn't work.

I open independant substack (which Jim called "U2") - OK !
I opened the main stack (which Jim called "Maine") - OK
I click in substack U2 to select it, and then Object->Stack Inspector.
but the Stack Inspector still shows a window for the stack Maine.
I have the Pointer tool selected, but under no condition can I select
anything in the substack U2. When I click on the substack, I get a
continuous blue line around the single field but not the little blue 
to show that it is selected. When I click on the metal part of the 
outside the field, the field disappears (!!), and the stack Inspector 
still shows
stack Maine, even though the Dropdown Window menu shows that
Substack U2 is selected (by a tick). I thought that the substack U2
had become "locked" in some way, but I don't know how to check this,
as I can't even get into it !

As they say in France "Mystère et boules de gomme!" which can
roughly translate into English as "Curiouser and curiouser !"

I tried with another substack (U3), and everything works OK, so
I finally came to the conclusion that the substack U2 is corrupted.
This may be because of the way (don't remember) I extracted the
substack U2 out of Maine in the first place (or the way I created it in
my first days of Revolution). This will teach me not to go for the full
nine yards without experience ..........

Old English saying "Nothing should ever be done for the first time !"

Well, I seem to have wasted some of your time, and quite a bit of space
(sorry !), so I think that I will rebuild the substack U2 from the 
and then marry it into the Maine stack (certainly with no problem).

But after 40 years of programming, I HATE NOT UNDERSTANDING !

Best from Paris


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